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The Famine

Over 1 million people died during The Famine

The Great Famine hit Ireland in 1845 and lasted until 1852. It began when potato blight destroyed crops across Europe. Ireland was affected particularly badly due to its almost complete dependence on the potato crop. The rise of food prices, disease and starvation killed over 1 million people and forced another 1 million people to leave the country.

While the ports were closed during earlier food shortages in 1782-84 to keep home grown food for the Irish population, the British Government did not put these measures in place during The Famine or attempt to control food prices. Shockingly, large amounts of food continued to be exported to Britain during this time, while the people of Ireland starved.

Over 1 million others fled the country

People were so desperate to escape from Ireland during this time, they were prepared to risk their lives to do so. Many cargo ship owners saw this as an opportunity to make some extra money. They adapted their ships and began to carry passengers on the outward leg of their transatlantic journeys.

Cargo ships became “Coffin Ships”

Famine ships of the time were particularly grim places and were often referred to as “Coffin Ships”. They saw many deaths due to their unseaworthy nature, overcrowding, lack of clean drinking water, unsanitary conditions and the rampant spread of disease. Cholera and Typhoid were common on these ships and many had death rates of 20%, with some even as high as 50%. It is estimated that up to 100,000 people died on board these ships.

The Jeanie Tour

One million Irish people fled Ireland during the famine. 2,500 took a gruelling voyage onboard the Jeanie Johnston. Take a journey back in time, get an insight into life on board a Famine ship and hear the stories of the people who made the gruelling voyage

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