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We’ve put together a whole range of interesting information and fun activities to keep your students interested and engaged in class and help you make the most of your visit. Don’t forget to download your FREE packs before you go:

Master Mariner Children’s Trail (Available on-board)

EPIC Great Famine – History at Home Pack

EPIC Dublin Docklands Family Trail (We’re Stop 4!)

Additional Online Resources

The Jeanie Johnston tour is an exciting introduction into the reality of emigration during the Great Famine, and our talented tour guides will take you on a journey into the past on this 50 minute tour. After you disembark there are so many other resources for you to utilize in your studies. Below is a list of websites that will offer further insight into the history of the famine, ship building, and emigration. Browse away!

“Brilliant Jeanie Johnston visit! We visited in July thinking we would just be wandering around the ship. However, we were met on board by a tour guide who filled us in on the real life story behind the Jeanie Johnston. The tour guide was excellent and made the information all so interesting and real for us and our kids”

WheelerBirds • Sep 2021