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School Tours on board the Jeanie Johnston
Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship moored at Custom house Quay
Jeanie Johnston on a sunny day

An Ideal School Tour

The Jeanie Johnston is an ideal focus for a School Tour, for children at all levels, with many different aspects that can be emphasised

  • Learn what the journey to the New World was like, how long it took and how harsh conditions were
  • Hear the stories of real people who travelled on the ship to a new life in America
  • Bring to life the pressures created by the famine and poverty to take on a journey into the unknown
  • Hear why no lives were lost on this ship despite the long journey in difficult conditions

Marvel at the craftsmanship involved in building a Tall Ship of this type and the expertise required to sail her safely on long journeys.

Sailing the World

The original Jeanie Johnston sank in 1858. This authentic replica was built in Tralee and was launched in 2000. She sailed across the Atlantic to call on many ports in Canada and the USA, during which huge crowds came to inspect her and reflect on the journeys that their forebears had made over 150 years ago.

Jeanie Johnston Sailing

Tour Content

A tour of the re-created Jeanie Johnston shows movingly what the journey to America was like on board a Tall Ship during the Famine era and explains how people came to the decision to make such a long trip, with little prospect of return. The museum is below deck and features life-sized figures based on actual passengers who sailed on the ship.

Listen as the guides tell their stories, from the 15 year old girl (Margaret Conway) travelling only with her 12 year old brother, to the father of 11 (James Stack) whose livelihood was ruined by the famine….and through these stories all the misery and anguish imposed by the famine, and the choices that people were forced to make, are brought to life.

Although the subject is serious, the tour is fascinating and gains very high praise from people of all ages. The ship is an authentic replica of the original which sailed between Tralee and North America between 1847 and 1855. It carried 2,700 passengers to North America on 26 voyages, with not a single loss of life on those journeys. This was a remarkable statistic for the times, and attributable to the skills of the Captain and the Ship’s Doctor.

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship Ropes



The Jeanie Johnston is docked in a historic area of Dublin: Custom House Quay in Docklands – and the Famine Memorial statues are very nearby.


For information on group discounts for your outing, please email us at and we will arrange your booking for you.


The tour takes approximately 50 minutes. We can usually arrange times to suit your group. Please email us on or call us on (01)473 0111

Museum interior - Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship