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Visit the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship……..

….and See How Irish Emigrants made the Passage to America

Between February 24th and March 10th, the Jeanie Johnston will be berthed at  Sir John Rogersons Quay and tours will begin at this location. Sir John Rogersons Quay is located approximately a 5 minute walk from our ticket office at Custom House Quay.


  • From Our ticket office at Custom House Quay, Walk eastwards towards the Samuel Beckett Bridge,
  • Cross the Bridge to the Southside of the river and then continue walking eastwards
  • The ship is located just downstream from the Diving Bell

After March 10th tours will commence from our normal location, Custom House Quay

Online bookings are available HERE


The Ship is Docked at Custom House Quay in Dublin’s city centre

50 minute tours run throughout the day and offer a memorable experience to all.



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Step Aboard the Jeanie Johnston…

and get a sense of the experience of the millions of people who crossed the Atlantic in tall ships, seeking survival and hope in the “New World”.

Full sail

The original Jeanie Johnston made 16 emigrant journeys to North America between 1847 and 1855, carrying over 2,500 people with no loss of life.

The ship is an authentic replica, built in Tralee, Co. Kerry. It has  sailed to North America, and to various points in Europe.

The tour of this beautiful ship is one of Dublin’s most popular attractions.

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