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Prow - Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

Jeanie Johnston Famine Story - Museum Set Up

Guided Tour of Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

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Our 50 minute guided tour will lead you through the historic Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship – Take in the detailed craftsmanship as you board the ship before journeying to the cabins where our celebrated guides lead you through the dimly-lit quarters to show what life was like for those passengers who made the transatlantic voyage to an uncertain future in the ‘New World’.

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A Must See in Dublin

“This tour painted a picture of what it was actually like during the great famine. My tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and shared her passion for the people and history during that time in Ireland. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys history or for those who want to learn more about Ireland’s past.” – ChrissyS

TripAdvisor, July 2017