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Take a Fascinating Tour of the Ship…
…..and of Ireland’s Emigrant History

We run several tours each day, lasting 50 minutes


Once on board, visitors are transported back in time to join the poverty stricken Irish emigrants in the 1850s as they boarded the sturdy ship for the difficult transatlantic voyage and uncertain future in the ‘New World’.



Daily Tours Begin at the Ship

which is located on Custom House Quay across the road from Jury’s Inn Hotel.

After the tour, many visitors also visit the Famine Memorial Statues, which are located close by on Custom House Quay

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

Below Deck

The dimly-lit quarters below deck show vividly what it was like for those passengers. The life-sized figures presented are all based on actual passengers who sailed on the ship. From the 15 year old girl (Margaret Conway) travelling only with her 12 year old brother, to the father of 11 (James Stack) whose livelihood was ruined by the famine….hear the inspiring stories of human determination to overcome adversity and make a better life.
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Jeanie Johnston Ship at sunset


Back up on deck, visitors have an opportunity to marvel at the skill, ingenuity and craftwork involved in re-creating this genuine replica of a wooden tall ship, one of the last of its type to sail the Atlantic in the 19th Century.
Jeanie Johnston  Main Mast